Salford Red Devils head coach Ian Watson has aired his support for the RFL’s recent referee policy changes.

The amendments/additions relate to incidents at the ruck area and have been introduced with immediate effect.

Watson said: “I think it’s a good thing for the game. It’s been the hot topic since the start of the season, with people getting away with kind’ve cheating penalties.

“It’s a good thing that all that’s been cleared up and the RFL have made a stance against it.

“Everyone knows where they’re going now for the rest of the season and it brings it inline with the NRL.

“They’ve been ignoring the kind’ve penalties that we’ve been giving away ever since the start of the season. Referees have been letting play go on and clearing all that up makes it better for the game.”

The Red Devils boss also suggested the clamp down on gamesmanship could benefit his team.

“We’ve had a few penalties go against us in recent weeks where players have been on the ground after a tackle,” said Watson.

“Sometimes that can happen and it’s not their fault and when a player has a ball put down on his head like at Wakefield, he shouldn’t be penalised.

“I’d’ve liked to see it come in quicker, but it’s a good thing that these changes put an end to that now.”

The Red Devils will next be in action on Saturday afternoon in London. Tickets are available from the AJ Bell ticket office.