Gold Line Draw

The Gold Line Draw is the perfect way to win fantastic prizes – to see week-by-week results scroll to the bottom of this page – whilst also helping local community charities in and around the Salford area. 

There are weekly cash prizes that add up to over a whopping £2500 that are guaranteed to be won every week.

On joining you will receive ten lucky numbers for each pound you pay into the Gold Line Draw.

You can join by paying Direct Debit or weekly via our friendly Lottery Agents. The results will be released on the Club’s Official Website each week, in the local newspapers as well as being available on E-Mail from our Lottery Department.

To join the Gold Line Draw now via Direct Debit form, click here.

Direct debit options:

1 – £4.34 per month HERE

2 – £8.68 per month HERE


1 – £13 per quarter HERE

2 – £26 per quarter HERE

Forms are also available on Reception at the AJ Bell Stadium, details on how to get to Stadium can be found here.

Also, you can join the Gold Line Draw you can also contact the Club directly on 0161 786 1590.

You can subscribe to get the weekly Gold Line Draw results direct to your E-Mail inbox by E-Mailing [email protected] with the subject ‘Subscribe’.

You can even get help joining by E-Mailing [email protected] with the subject ‘Join’.

Keep up with the latest Gold Line Draw winners on our News page.